Increase Your Sales With Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing can give you the freedom to aspire to greater sales by providing the funds needed to purchase presold goods in a timely manner. When you have purchase order financing in place, you can focus on strategic business planning, staffing, and sales to take your enterprise to the next level.

Even if your business has its challenges, purchase order financing can be for you. This type of financing is perfect for businesses that:

  • Are startups
  • Currently have poor cash flow
  • Lack access to working capital


The advantages of purchase order financing include:

  • Delivering products to customers on time
  • The ability to expand your market share
  • The preservation of equity
  • No increase in bank-based debt

With financing to pay suppliers, you can also raise your overall profit levels and have the capacity to fill larger customer orders. At Grow Thrive Commercial Capital, we are experts in getting you production finance for goods and supplying letters of credit for imports and exports.

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