How Your Business Can Utilize Accounts Receivable Financing

Growing businesses have growing cash needs.  One of the safest and most useful types of financing for business owners is accounts receivable financing. The benefits of financing receivables include:

  • Simple qualification standards
  • Short processing time
  • Cash now to reinvest in your business
  • No fixed payments
  • Feedback on the creditworthiness of your business customers

How Accounts Receivable Financing Works

After completing work for a client, you may provide them with an invoice before they pay you. During this period where your client has not completed payment, you can opt to finance that invoice. We will quickly provide you with the working capital to feed your cash cycle. When it comes time for your client to fill their invoice, we will collect from them instead. This process allows you to be paid immediately to keep your business operating smoothly. At Grow Thrive Commercial Capital, we will do everything we can to assist you. This includes making recommendations for different types of financing and explaining the whole process to you. You can count on Grow Thrive Commercial Capital.